1. Are Matty & Bobby really going to kiss for thirty-three hours?

That's the plan!

2. How will they deal with issues like going to the bathroom?

Since adult nappies/diapers aren't allowed and they can't leave the public venue, Matty & Bobby have devised a forty-eight hour preceding cleansing process to rid their bodies of as much waste as possible. However, should waking bladder efforts come into play, the duo has already devised a plan to deal with the issue.

3. What if one of them gets stung by a bee while they're kissing?

Don't worry. They've got that covered too!

4. How did Matty & Bobby come about to decide to partake in such a feat.?

It's a peculiar story, involving: watching an episode of Fantasy Factory on MTV, researching World Records, writing ten-page final papers, and deciding to pursue more worldly productive efforts over academics for a moment. Following that, there was a six-week long approval process, in order to receive permission with moving forward to taking on the record-breaking challenge.

5. Are Matty & Bobby dating?

No. They're just friends. Matty would like to keep the status of his personal life his own priority during this excursion. Bobby is in a committed relationship, and his boyfriend fully supports the campaign in light of its cause.

6. Have Matty & Bobby kissed before?

Not that it's any of your business, but no. The kiss is about spontaneity. Will Matty & Bobby kiss before the event? It's a possible part of their training. However, the important thing is to focus on the more rigorous and physically demanding aspects of the challenge. I.e. Standing and being awake for thirty-three hours, as well as not eating.

7. Why break the Guinness World Record for "Longest Continuous Kiss"?

Lately, it feels as though the LGBTQ community has come down to a breathy fight for equal rights to pass approval for gay marriage and to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". The media insists upon "outing" celebrities who wish to keep their private lives away from tabloid pages. Meanwhile, the promiscuous acts of gay celebrities are splashed across magazines and online "buzz" blogs. 

It's time to change that, with a kiss. What's more simple than a kiss? A kiss between two friends. Between two lovers. The kiss of a Mother or Father saying goodnight. The kisses we give as Hello or Goodbye. A kiss to say "I Love You" or "I Care". A kiss to wake the sleeping Prince or Princess when the apple is rotten. A kiss to turn the frog handsome and beautiful. A kiss we blow threw the air, hoping it is caught. Or a kiss we keep safe inside a piece of chocolate, so the butterflies in our stomachs can feel its joy too. 

Because a kiss is the loudest thing we can say with our lips, without ever having to say anything at all.